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Weeks 3-6 – Sizing things up

Well i haven't exactly been posting weekly as i have supposed to have been, but project work has been delayed and disrupted, though lost memory sticks (and found) and a new laptop. However in the past week i have started work again on Saga of Sol and have done the base classes that will manage all of the planets and have so far added functions to control their position in their orbit, and blit them to a minimap.

This is a view of our solar system loaded into the program, everything is relatively to scale, well kind of, the planets sizes are correct relative to each other using a quadratic scale, the same is true wit their orbital distances.

In doing the work I have so far I have realized that I may have to reduce the scale of my game to either only the inner solar system, or to skimp more on the physics and accuracy side of things. I have decided this because of the vast differences in orbital periods and distances of the outer and inner planets. Another way to account for this would be to think up another mechanic that allows faster traveling between more distant planets.

Last of all I have created a page (see menu) that I will use to keep track of and display all the things I need to get done in the game, all the things I would like to get done and other ideas that I haven't yet decided upon.

I have also done a draft logo that can be found on the saga of sol page

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