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Working on a school project i have reached a point where i need to be able to generate RTF documents with python. A quick google turn up the PyRTF module.

However i started to run into problems when i needed to be able to split sections of the page into columns. More extensive googleing didnt turn up anything, and the best i found that was in rtf documents the command \colsN where n is how many columns needs to be passed in with the section settings.

Searching the source code for cols didnt turn up anything so,  after much frustration caused by having a copy of PyRTF from a previous project in my site-packages directory, the functionality was easily added and my project is once again underway.

For those who need similar functionality in their projects and couldn't be bothered fiddling around with source code

Get PyRTF with my modifications here

[download id="15" format="1"]

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