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Think Quick

At school we were forced to to the most boring and time wasting thing known to man... Mathletics

After i got over the boredom i started to see Mathletics as a challenge to be had instead of a source of boredom. From there i started writing a program to do Live Mathletics, it was a great success i posted a video of the first version of my program on YouTube here. At that point i hadn't come up with a name for the program but did when i got many comments about where they could get it from.  So i added a kill switch to the program and a way for me to track how many questions people used it to answer, named it Mathletics and released it.

This went on fine for a while, and i released an easy to use version of Think Quick complete with a GUI.  This continued for the next month or so and then got better, in an attempt to stop my program Mathletics added a feint Grey grid behind the questions. After learning of this i had a new version out within the hour, not only did my new version work with the grid, but the changes that i made, made the program faster and more accurate, Thank You Mathletics.

the gui of the newest version of think quick

The GUI of the newest version of think quick

Whats your top score

Whats your top score

Leave the program running for a few hours and what do you know top of the world

Leave the program running for a few hours and what do you know top of the world


Total Downloads (All Versions) - 1011

Total Users (Ip addresses) - 425

Total Questions Answered - 141248


A Few weeks after the release of Think Quick V4 i got an email from Mathletics asking me to stop hosting Think Quick. To this i sadly agreed, although out of the questions answered around 12% where by a Mathletics ip address. Overall this was a fun project and taught me a lot about using python and no I'm not releasing it anymore.

Later Later

Well its really been a long time since I made this. I really am amazed at how much attention this one page as well as the you-tube video has been viewed just under 90 thousand views, meaning that all of you guys have collectively spent about 61 days watching a program that i spent under a week working on which i find kind of impressive, after I have finished off the HSC and hopefully have bit more time i may release a demo version of the program for old times sake where one is able to use it to answer  limited number of questions.

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  1. wot is your high score ?

  2. this is cool very cool

  3. wow lol i want link

  4. please post link who cares about matlethics we all need the link! please?!!?!?!

  5. Can i please have bot

  6. This is the best thing ever

  7. Oh nvm lol. i just read the old comments.

    But it would be nice if u have a tutorial? kekeke. Where is it, that you teach us how it works?

  8. At least you can read that I’m not distributing it and I had done a basic walk though of how it worked for someone else but can’t find it sorry and I have enough other work to do at the moment

  9. Hey Guys,
    Learn Python and write it yourself.
    I have written it in python but have yet to connect the OCR to the internet.
    Hug0agogo, could you send me an email on how you did it.
    I don’t want the source, just the code for the OCR.
    If you don’t want to, I understand, could you tell me if you need pytesser or win32ui?

  10. What are the screen coordinates you put in python to calculate the box?

  11. For all you people who want the tutorial on how it works, this is how.
    First there is a delay, 100 milli-seconds so it pauses.
    Then, pytesser will recognize the equation.
    Python will evaluate it.
    SendKeys will send the answer followed by an enter.
    and you need image grab so that python will find the box easily.
    There you have it.
    Hugoagogo, the on I made keeps opening the black window for tesseract.exe

  12. Has any of you guys vsed me anyway,may I get the link for think quick V4 i beg you

  13. i think it is really cool

  14. is there any cheats?

  15. Does this work in 2014?

  16. give us the link pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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