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Splayd or Spork?

After taking a splayd to school recently, it was interesting to find out how many people, could not determine the difference between splayd and spork.

So i have decided to do some research to prove my point and demonstrate the difference between a splayd and a spork.

To begin with a Wikipedia definition of a splayd

A Splayd (plural 'Splayds') is a brand of single eating utensil combining the functions of spoon, fork, and knife, generically called a sporf. It was invented by William McArthur in the 1940s in Sydney, Australia.

In addition to an overall spoon shape with four fork tines, it has two hard, flat edges on either side, suitable for cutting through soft food.

With the Definition of a spork being

A trademark for a plastic eating utensil that has both tines and a bowl like a spoon

From looking around i found that many people have trouble distinguishing between the two and found a good post that compares the two

This, my friends, is a spla(y)d(e):
A Splayd

You'll notice it has a sharper, square-like base for assistance in cutting, a bit like a blade - hence the "ade" sound in the name "splade". (Some actually have a serrated edge, or have the sharper points further up the bowl of the splade, making it kind of pentagonal.)

This, on the other hand, is a spork:

A spork

You'll notice it has no sharp corners and is completely round, like a spoon.

And finally when looking for pictures of splayds i came across this picture which details the evolution of cutlery