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NCSS Programming Comp

I just finished the NCSS programming comp ( The competition runs over 5 week with 5 problems a week and 6 problems on the final week

NCSS offers two courses Simple and advanced, last year i participated in the Simple division and managed to come first, this year i went in the advanced division and found it much more challenging but still managed to achieve a 6th. However the course did teach me about things like regular expressions.

This year NCSS was also offering an embedded course (i participated in the beta for this, where was given the arduino board in my other projects). for the embedded course you paid for a circuit board based of the arduino with many sensors and outputs already built in.Embedded board

The embedded division still has one more week to go, so il update this post with my results in that then.

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  1. Congratulations, i sucked at ncss because i went on holidays and couldn’t get on the internet for long enough. Next year i’m going to do it as early as possible.

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