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Pyweek 13 – September 2011

I have recently just finished pyweek 14 and only just realized now that I had not put anything up here yet for pyweek 13.

For pyweek 13 I had been doing a fair bit of coding in python prior to the competition and was feeling a bit ambitious

The theme was "Mutation" so the concept i ended up deciding on was a platformer where the player collected mutations that would help them get though the game, I had also being playing VVVVVV a bit so I wanted to try and make the game have, lots of things to kill you, with dying being a minimal setback. Throw in some dynamic lighting for the hell of it and you have a pyweek entry.

The entry can be found at

It didnt get as finished as I would like with things like the lack of an ending, sounds, extensive level testing and with a few bugs left in.

I wont put much more info here but you can check it out on the pyweek site if you want more info.


Pyweek 2011 – citySquare

This year I entered into pyweek. Pyweek is a python game programming competition where the competitors are given a theme and have a week to make a game on it. The theme that was voted in this time was "Nine Times" I wasn't really sure what I could do with this theme, and as a result my game is only very loosely linked to the theme.

The game that i came up with is a simple puzzle game where one must lay tiles within a grid to earn points. It plays out a bit of a mildly irritating single player version of Carcassonne. However I was reasonably happy with the game that i ended up with after a week of development.

I was also happy enough with the quality of the game that produced to use it as part of a project in the software design and development course that I am currently doing at school, for this I added a little bit more polish to the menus and gameplay and ironed out its few bugs. My teacher was luckily very impressed by the game and I ended up scoring full marks for the assignment (the game + a ton of documentation)

If after reading though all of that you would still like to play the game there download links and further instructions below


The latest version of the game can be downloaded from github HERE


The key objective to citySquare is to arrange all of the tiles in the right-hand tray on the grid to the left. The tiles that you have to match are comprised of three different types of terrain: roads, cities and plain old grass.


A tile can be picked up and put down by left clicking. While being held you can either right click or scroll to rotate the tile. The arrow keys can be used to shift all of the tiles around the grid and you can hold tab to view a breakdown of your score.
To return to the menus from gameplay simply press escape, while on menus you can also toggle full screen mode by pressing F4


Tiles must be placed so that the edges of each square match up with the squares around it. The entire edge of the grid should be grass and have NO roads or cities touching it.


Points are scored based on completed roads and cities, however cities are scored in a way that will reward you for building larger cities. For example one city made up of four tiles would be worth much more than two cities made up of two tiles.