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Pyweek 13 – September 2011

I have recently just finished pyweek 14 and only just realized now that I had not put anything up here yet for pyweek 13.

For pyweek 13 I had been doing a fair bit of coding in python prior to the competition and was feeling a bit ambitious

The theme was "Mutation" so the concept i ended up deciding on was a platformer where the player collected mutations that would help them get though the game, I had also being playing VVVVVV a bit so I wanted to try and make the game have, lots of things to kill you, with dying being a minimal setback. Throw in some dynamic lighting for the hell of it and you have a pyweek entry.

The entry can be found at

It didnt get as finished as I would like with things like the lack of an ending, sounds, extensive level testing and with a few bugs left in.

I wont put much more info here but you can check it out on the pyweek site if you want more info.