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Youtube – Think Quick V4

I noticed how many views the video of my first program was getting and decided i should put up a video of one of the newer versions of think quick, so here it is

It shows off more of the programs features for improveing accuracy and its ablility to repetitively enter rounds, answer a certain number of questions and then strike out and repeat.

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  1. whats the use u aren’t letting us download anymore so yeah

  2. yah, you must let us download that think quick.
    did you release it so we can download it.

  3. Reply already! you are really annoying, Everyone wants the “think quick” engine, and some people are willing to pay. You might as well abandon the website, because all the people are coming for is “Think Quick”. if you do it now it would be greatly appreciated, or maybe just give us the source.

  4. I might have replyed to u if u had left a valid email address and I still don’t know why you guys are unable to understand that I am no longer releaseing the program

  5. Just essentially remade this in python for some reason, used some poor kids account LOL.

    Works fine, but the only problem is using the only OCR I could find for python, it can’t tell the difference between plus and divide because in computers divide is mostly / xD

    Apart from that it works fine, don’t suppose anyone knows how to find a sub-image within another image do they?

  6. Eh, just made a youtube video of it, as I said before it can’t divide yet so I just did level 2, it can times fine 😛

    Not quite as fast as ThinkQuick (Probably the delay) but it’s alright, if you’re wondering it’s not my account 😛 As I said it’s some poor kids, well lucky kids depending which way you look at it xD

    Don’t really get why some idiotic kids are willing to pay for ThinkQuick though, my one works fine and is only using simple code, to those who even want ThinkQuick I say: grow at least one brain cell!

    Anyway, here’s a video:

    I know the comments have to be moderated, but this isn’t me trying to advertise or anything, it’s just me.. Well.. Talking.. LOL. I actually hope this drives unwanted traffic away from your site, by unwanted I mean kids coming here to get ThinkQuick.

  7. hey dude, could u plz send me a copy or demo, so i could try it out or tell me where to download it. thx

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