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Google App Engine Launcher

I have used Google App Engine for a while but have always started the development server though the command line. I knew a GUI came with the mac version of the SDK but was unaware of any windows equivalent until i found this

It is GUI that has been created in python useing the wxWidgets framework and looks and acts very similar to its mac counterpart

For those who don't want to have to bother dealing with SNV or want an exe version i have compiled the SNV version (as of the 26-2-10)  and it is available here

[download id="6"]

I do not claim to have created the program at all, only compiled it for easy use using GUI2Exe, i hope it comes in handy

NOTE: for those interested i have found that newer versions of the SDK already include this



Spent a weekend fiddling with google app engine and created a program version of the xkcd comic dangers

my program can be found at -

A friend posted the program on the xkcd irc and i immediately had many people trying to break it,  but a quick regular expression and all was well


the code that extracts results from google seems to have broke when they updated their look, i currently dont have time to fix it but might get round to it in the future