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About Me

I am Hugh Powell (hugoagogo) and am currently enrolled in a course in mechatronics engineering at UOW and have a cadetship with CMA Electro-Hydraulic Engineers. I have been programming things for a few years and have been building stuff for much longer than that.

I have recently been getting interested in areas such as physical computing. In other words, constructing electronic devices and writing the software to go with it.

    Some of the most impressive projects i have completed are


      Throughout high school I entered a number of programming completions, finishing well in the NCSS programming competitions (Which I would highly recommend to anyone in high school looking in getting into programming) and even making it to the finals at sydney uni in ProgComp.

      Over the years I have been heavily involved in scouting at 1st Keirraville, achieving the Scout Medallion, as well as producing and maintaining our troop website, a build from scratch CMS. I am now in rovers at 1st Figtree after, transferring because of insufficient numbers.

      During the HSC I submitted my Design and Technology project into the University of Wollongong Competition for high school students. I did quite well in this scoring a number of awards and gift vouchers.

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        2. whats your email

        3. you can contact me HERE

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