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Saga of Sol

Saga of Sol is a space based RTS that I am currently working on as part of my Year 12 major project for Software Design and Development (SDD)

In will involve interplanetary warfare with the player controlling ships to defend and expand their empire with the unique mechanic that all of the planets will be orbiting a sun, meaning that the distances between planets will change, affecting travel time and fuel consumption.

More detailed updates can be found the the project log, accessible from the menu above or HERE

I will be using this page to display any release versions and to list all of the things I need to do, a list of the things I would like to do, and a bunch of ideas im not sure which category to put into yet

So here is is in no particular order

Green = Done, Orange = Started

Tasks that need to be done

  • Create a unit class with subclasses for building and units
  • Classes for Systems, Planets and Suns
  • Some way of keeping track of the orbit of stars
  • A Generator for solar systems
  • Create a vector class and a vector editor
    • Needs functions like specifying which lines are special and will be a different color to signify a team
    • Rendering may be able to be sped up by caching the vector to a surface
  • A Mini-map viewer for the solar system
  • Decide upon a time scale for the game to operate at
  • Think of a catch phrase for the game
  • Design a logo for the game
  • Decide on the base resources to be used in the game and where they can be collected
  • A local planet view
  • AI to play against (much easier to do than setting up network communications)

Things i would like to do

  • Travel between multiple systems
  • A map displaying different systems
  • secondary bodies such as asteroids or moons
  • Elliptical orbits
  • use of the slingshot effect to speed up travel between planets
  • automatic simulation of the history of a galaxy to create a

Other undecided ideas

  • Ships
    • Ships and buildings configurations loaded completely from YAML
    • Ships are made up of components that can be individually destroyed and damaged, traits are based off these components
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