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AJ2013 – Photos

I attended AJ2013 as a rover at the start of this year bringing me up to a total of 3 attended Jamborees. First off it was a huge amount of fun and me and pretty much anyone I spoke to who attended had a great time.

Over the course of the jamboree I helped out run the "Challenge it" base, which was completely organized and staffed by rovers. From the start of activities with a 3 day block of bathtub jousting (may I never hear the sound of cast iron being dragged along gravel again) to the more relaxed job of keeping an eye on different obstacles in the obstacle course it was a ball.

Even when you crawled into bed tired, sore and sweaty, feeling like your last shower was days ago when you only just got out, it was a greatly relaxing and satisfying holiday. I met a bunch of awesome people and would definitely attend the next one in 2016.

The double helix, the most complex and ambitious of the obstacles in the course

On market day of the jamboree I also used my gopro to grab some pictures from above the crowds and was able to stitch them together.

In the middle of the leaders/rovers retreat next to our camp-site

Joined a different way

From near the desert campsite

In the marketplace

If you have the chance to go to a jamboree, do it.

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