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Macro Photograpy

My past few posts have included really big pictures and this post includes some of the opposite.  Fiddling around with a lens I have pulled out of a laser printer I found that it greatly magnified things, the obvious next step was to attach it to the front of a camera and see what kind of photos you could take with it. It worked quite well but I had to try to manually focus the camera by adjusting how far I held it from the object and the photos had a very narrow depth of field.

A section of my desk pad where I have scribbled to get pens (standard ballpoint) working

Closer up of the pad, you can even see the fibers in the paper

Close up of some 2mm braided cord

As a last test out of interest I took a photo and LCD screen, the lines are so bright you cant even make out what was originally on the screen

Last of all here is the setup I used, all it is is the lens blu-tacked to the front of the camera, not shown is a piece of post it note over the flash to give a less glared image

Edit: I have also used this setup to take photos of some of the fine parts in my watch when I did repairs, this can be found HERE

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