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Enter Squiglet

The graphics style i have chosen for the game i am working on, Saga of Sol, is very simple. The majority of the graphics such as ships, buildings, will be composed only of plain old white on black lines, with some "highlight" or "feature" lines being drawn a different colour to denote what team it is on.

I didn't think that it was appropriate to go for a full on vector/SVG library for pyglet such as Squirtle. So i have begun the creation of my own much simpler vector library "squiglet" that will handle the graphics for my game.

As of yet i have the basis of most of the vector classes complete (no functions yet to draw them into the game) and am about 80% of the way done on my own editor for the vectors.

If your interested in the project it can be found on GitHub at or you can follow along on my blog HERE

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