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Almost Gigapixel – Robertson’s Lookout

I took another mega panorama last weekend from Robertson's Lookout (Between Mt Keira and Mt Kembla) and spent the rest of the weekend trying to process it.

I am getting close to my goal of taking a gigapixel image, this time it was taken on a tripod with a more powerful lense. It was made from joining around 300 photos and I managed to avoid missing any bits out this time.

For this one I managed to use a latter version of photoshop at school to crop it a bit and remove most of the jagged edges.

Check it out HERE

Pointless to have a thumbnail of the whole thing, so here is a thumbnail at 1/4 zoom at the steel works

Slouching around taking a few hundred photos on the edge of a cliff

I hope you enjoy it, and find some interesting spots, I plan on making my own version of the zoomify viewer where you can mark locations, so it makes it a big game of i-spy.