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Almost Gigapixel – Robertson’s Lookout

I took another mega panorama last weekend from Robertson's Lookout (Between Mt Keira and Mt Kembla) and spent the rest of the weekend trying to process it.

I am getting close to my goal of taking a gigapixel image, this time it was taken on a tripod with a more powerful lense. It was made from joining around 300 photos and I managed to avoid missing any bits out this time.

For this one I managed to use a latter version of photoshop at school to crop it a bit and remove most of the jagged edges.

Check it out HERE

Pointless to have a thumbnail of the whole thing, so here is a thumbnail at 1/4 zoom at the steel works

Slouching around taking a few hundred photos on the edge of a cliff

I hope you enjoy it, and find some interesting spots, I plan on making my own version of the zoomify viewer where you can mark locations, so it makes it a big game of i-spy.


High Res Photography

During the recent family trip to Mount Arapilies, Victoria, I took plenty of photos and I'll probably be putting more up on here later.

One of the more interesting things that I had a go at was creating a really, really high res image. The one below consists of over 200 photos and when joined results in a photo around 400 Megapixels.

The main problem after you have waited for your photos to be stitched is how to edit them. Standard image viewers refuse to open them, photoshop crashes. Eventually I found a viewer that splits the images up into thousands of tiles that makes it easy and fast to view. I am still looking for a way to edit the finished image though.

I was very annoyed when I got home to find that when taking the pictures I had missed a narrow strip across the image. I plan on having a another go of taking more photos like this closer to home and I have ideas for a simple robot to automate the taking of them.

You can explore it HERE

How many climbers can you find?